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All the issues, that are related to protection of environment are the crucial aspect in the Company operation.  The Company acts on the basis of current laws and regulations within the scope of environmental protection. It fulfills the strategic goals and effective development in accordance with the principle of sustainable development.  
The Company makes a major effort to comply with the best practices as well as solutions in the field of environmental policy binding in Mabion S.A. The main objective of the company is to raise the environmental awareness among all employees, which transfers into the effective execution of all the issues connected with the Environmental Policy established in Mabion and  building a sense of responsibility for its implementation, in the scope of:

  • rational managing of raw materials.
  • the rational use of water, electricity, heat and power raw materials in order to protect natural resources.
  • compliance with the in-house waste management system, in accordance with the law, as well as in accordance with all established administrative decisions and internal procedures.
  • limiting pollutants’ emission into the air, including gas, dust and noise emissions.
  • cutting out the risk of occurring environmental failure or uncontrolled release of hazardous substances into the environment through the current technological and environmental monitoring


Mabion S.A. as a production company, makes use of the natural resources (such as: water, electricity, energy resources) simultaneously affecting the environment by emission of pollutants into the air, production of sewage and emission of industrial wastewater.

The influence on environment in the above-mentioned scope has been regulated by obtaining the necessary administrative decisions, i.e.

  1. Decision of the Marshal of the Lodzkie Voivodship of 29.07.2016 on the integrated permission (sign: RŚVI.7222.190.2015.KK) - for the location of the Company in Konstantynow Lodzki.
  2. Decision of the State-owned Farm  Water - Polish Waters - of 08.03.2019 on the water–legal permit, which involves special use of water including a disposal of industrial wastewater containing substances particularly harmful to the aquatic environment (sign: PO.RUZ.421.456.5.2018.ML).- for the location of the Company in Konstantynow Lodzki.
  3. Registration to the Poviat Starosty in Pabianice the installation of the fuel combustion (sign: OŚ.6221.2.2018) - for the location of the Company in Konstantynow Lodzki.
  4. Decision of the Mayor of Lodz No. 65 / Op / 15 of 28/04/2015 regarding the issue of a permission for the waste manufacturing (sign: DSS-OŚR-IV.6221.5.2015) - for the location of the Company in Lodz


All entities making use of the environment are obliged by virtue of law and acquired decisions to measure the level of substances or energy as well as emission size in the environment. The results of monitoring are recorded and reported or made available for inspection to relevant environmental authorities. Mabion fulfills the above obligation by carrying out:

  • measuring the noise emission from the installation. The test results are transferred and to the appropriate environmental protection authorities;
  • quality tests of produced industrial wastewater and mixtures of industrial andmunicipal sewage. The test results are passed along to the relevant environmental protection authorities;
  • the quantity monitoring: collected water, industrial sewage disposal, electricity consumption, grid heat consumption, fuel use.
  • checking the technical condition and operating inspection of the separatorpetroleum derivative substances and industrial wastewater treatment station.
  • measurements of parameters characterizing  given technological process, i.e. consumption of materials, substances, products and production volume.


Mabion S.A. completes all obligations related to environmental reporting. It includes the collection and processing of data and information and the preparation of reports and the proceedings reflecting the Company's operations connected with making use of the environment.

The Company's environmental reporting includes developing and passing appropriate environment protection bodies:

  • List containing a summary statement of information about the scope of using the environment and
    about the amount of fees due, in terms of releasing gases and dust into the air.
  • KOBiZE report containing information on greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere.
  • Summary data on the types and quantities of waste, measures how to manage them and also a summary data connected with installations and devices allowing to recover and neutralize the waste.
  • Annual report containing information necessary to create the  Pollutant Release and Transfer Register Regulation, so-called PRTR.


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