Organizational structure

Research & Development Area

Product and Development Department

Biological and Physiochemical Analytics Unit

Process Upstream Unit

Process Downstream Unit

Process Scaling Unit

Medical Section

Clinical Development Unit

Clinical and Pre-clinical Research

Pre-clinical Development Unit

Manufacture Department

Upstream Unit

Downstream Unit

Logistics and Supply Unit

Process Validation & Documentation Unit

Clean Maintenance Unit

Quality Assurance Department

Microbiology Unit

Physiochemical Analysis Unit

Biological Analysis Unit

Stability Studies Unit

Quality Unit

Regulatory Department

Process and Quality Regulatory Team

Preclinical and Clinical Regulatory Team

Project Management Office

Maintenance Department

Qualifications and System Unit


Administration Department

Financing Unit

IR/PR and Environmental Unit

Purchasing Unit

Human Resources Unit

Management Board Office

Finance Department

Accounting Unit

Controlling Unit

IT Unit

PR & Communication Department

Marketing & Sales Department