What does our recruitment process look like?

Step 1

Send us your CV

You can find current job openings on our website and on Mabion’s LinkedIn profile. Send us your CV and we will verify your application in terms of meeting the formal requirements and compliance with the profile of the offered position.

Step 2

First contact

The initial contact on our part is usually a telephone interview conducted by a Recruitment and HR Specialist. During the interview, we will ask you to give an initial overview of your career to date and answer a few questions. If you want to know something about the company or the position you are applying for, please ask us.

After the initial verification and obtaining a positive result, we will invite you to the next stage of recruitment, which will be a video interview, a telephone conversation or a meeting at the company’s headquarters.

Step 3

Knowledge test

We may invite you to complete a knowledge test; this is related to the characteristics of the position you are applying for – we put this information in the job advertisement. The test consists of open and closed questions.

The test lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour. You will be informed about the test result and further steps by phone or via e-mail after a week.

Step 4

Recruitment interview

The recruitment interview is conducted by a person representing the department and the Recruitment and HR Specialist. During the meeting, we will tell you about the characteristics of the position you are applying for and the requirements which need to be met. We will spend the remaining time to learn as much as possible about you. If you have diplomas and certificates that you want to show off, bring them with you.

Reserve about one hour for the meeting. After the interview we will inform you by phone about the result of the recruitment process.

Step 5


When all recruitment stages have been successfully completed and you have decided to start working for Mabion S.A. … welcome to the team! A representative of our Human Resources Department will contact you and present all aspects of your employment. A few days before your first day at Mabion S.A. you will receive an email with the most important information.



At every stage of recruitment we are available online on LinkedIn and at our phone number (from 9:00 until 15:00): Ewa Zawiasa – (+48) 785 250 598

If you have questions about the recruitment process, feel free to contact us!