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Do you want to work with us?

Why is it worth working for Mabion?

Work on End-to-End projects

We create innovative biotechnological solutions using End-to-End business model, providing you with the satisfaction of introducing the new solutions to the market. We are constantly developing out team’s competencies, which gives you the opportunity for professional growth while working on unconventional projects in collaboration with outstanding specialists.

Help us create unique products

We combine scientific knowledge with advanced technology to develop innovative projects. We implement one of a kind solutions.

Feel good vibes

We support one another at work and outside of work. We root for one another. We keep our fingers crossed for one another. We celebrate together. We like Mondays!

Take up the challenge with us

We avoid boredom. We ensure real impact on the implemented projects We look for diverse projects and we are not afraid of bold, nonobvious solutions.

Work in an international environment

7024We work in international and interdisciplinary teams. We get to know other cultures and develop language competencies.

What does the recruitment process look like?

Send us your CV

You can find the current job offers on our website and on Mabion’s profile on LinkedIn. Send us your CV and we will verify your application in terms of meeting the formal requirements and compliance with the profile of the offered position.
If you want to learn about our personal data processing policy, click here.

First contact

The first contact on our part is usually a telephone interview conducted by a Recruitment and HR Specialist. During the interview, we will ask you to provide a brief summary of your professional career and answer a few questions. If you want to learn something about the company or the position you are applying for, you can ask us.

After the initial verification and obtaining a positive result, we will invite you to the next stage of recruitment, which will be a video call, telephone call or meeting at the company’s headquarters.

Talk to us

The recruitment interview is conducted by a person representing the relevant department and a Recruitment and HR Specialist. During the interview, we will present the specifics of the position you are applying for and our expectations towards you, the fulfilment of which is necessary to apply for the job. We will spend the remaining time learning as much as possible about you. If you have diplomas and certificates that you want to show us – take them with you.

Reserve about one hour for the interview. After the interview, we will inform you about the recruitment result by phone.

Start working with us!

Once all stages of recruitment have been successfully completed and the decision regarding your employment at Mabion S.A is made, then…, welcome to the team! A representative of our Human resources and payroll department will contact you and present all aspects of employment. A few days before your first day of work at Mabion S.A. we will send you an email from us with the most important information.

Do you have any question regarding the recruitment process?

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